About us

The Swedish word “väsen” honors our Scandinavian heritage and translates as one’s inner essence or way of being. At Väsen Brewing Company, brewing is about creating and appreciating something greater than yourself. Our beer is a medium through which we express ourselves and our appreciation for our environment. We brew to inspire others to chase the things they love.

Väsen beers combine the experimental spirit that defines American craft beer with the rustic and funky flavors of Belgian farmhouse and sour ales. We’ve developed a distinctive brewing process that produces balanced, sessionable beers that are perfect for long days outside. While our barrel-aging program will let us flood Richmond with the funkiest of farmhouse ales, they’ll be complemented by a variety of saisons, wheat beers, and pale ales.

Our goal is to make unconventional ales and celebrate those who share an appreciation for the outdoors and spark positive change in their communities. As of this spring, construction is underway at our building in Scott’s Addition and our brewhouse is slated for delivery this summer.

See you in late 2016! Hylla Resan!

Visit us at vasenbrewing.com