Used Barrels

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Every so often we retire some of our barrels due to either reaching their useful life for imparting flavors in our beers or issues with their structural integrity. Be sure to check back often as our selection of used barrels will change often! Barrels must be picked up from the taproom. Please email us at after ordering to schedule a pickup time.

Notes on current stock:

  • Barrels with codes VB-5 to VB-12 are Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. These barrels are in great condition, with minimal head warping on each barrel. 
  • Barrels with codes VB-103 to VB-108 are Jack Daniels whiskey barrels which had a second use as tequila barrels. These barrels are in decent condition, with some degree of head warping on each barrel.
  • Barrels with codes VB-151 to VB-160 are recently-used Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels which we used for our latest barrel-aged Velvet Walrus on Raspberry release. These barrels are in great condition, with minimal head warping on each barrel. All barrels (except VB-153 and VB-154) are from Buffalo Trace's W.L. Weller collection.